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Ajibikika Falls

Wildcat Falls

Rock Bluff Falls

Wolverine Falls


There is no obvious trail to Ajibikika Falls.  A trail was blazed at some time with plastic ribbon, but it is not easily followed and is deteriorating.  Brush Lake lies above the top of the waterfall.  A natural bedrock dam holds the lake back.  The waterfall lies at the low end and as the lake slowly drains out, it pours down the cascading rocks to a swampy land below.


Note:  This is near the northern border of Gogebic County.  The other waterfalls near here are in Ontonagon County.

Wildcat Falls drains from a mostly underground creek.  The land above the waterfall is a mesh of tree roots and moss that thinly cover the bedrock.  Water drainage occurs beneath the soft forest floor until it gathers together and runs down Wildcat Falls to the soggy creekbed below.


Note:  This is in Ontonagon County

This has been a challenging waterfall to find.  There have been conflicting reports as to where Rock Bluff Falls is exactly located.  The waterfall I found is on Bluff Creek.  It is the only drop I found starting at Old US 45 and heading north.


Note:  This is in Ontonagon County

This is another of the "where is this waterfall at" challenges!  I hiked over 1/2 mile downstream from where I thought the waterfall should be.  Nothing.  Then I headed upstream.  I found this small waterfall there.  Until I learn otherwise, I will assume that I have the correct waterfall!


Note:  This is in Ontonagon County


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