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Abinodji Falls

Ogimakwe Falls

Ogima Falls

Iagoo Falls

Lepisto Falls

Nokomis Falls


Abinodji Falls are the first 2 drops you come to as you hike upstream along Copper Creek.  This area has a back country feel to it.  What a beautiful area in Gogebic County!

Heading upstream from the Abinodji Falls, you next encounter a set of three waterfalls, the Ogimakwe Falls.

Ogima Falls is the last of the little waterfalls on Copper Creek.  It is upstream from the Ogimakwe Falls.

Iagoo Falls is on the Presque Isle River between Copper Creek and South Boundary Road.  The river runs down a conglomeragte slide.

Lepisto is also on the Presque Isle River, about 1/4 mile upstream from Iagoo Falls.  Neither of these waterfalls are visited often.

Deep down in a gorge, the Presque Isle River flows over a long set of cascades at Nolkomis Falls.  This is one of the more difficult waterfalls to get to in Michigan.


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