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Greenstone Falls

Overlooked Falls

Explorers Falls

Little Carp River Falls


Greenstone Falls is my favorite waterfall on the Little Carp River.  The intricate ribbons of water cascade down a rounded face to a calm river below.  The footpath from Overlooked Falls passes by just feet from the river.  The waterfall can be easily viewed along the banks of the river.  The entire setting is awash in color in early October!

A short walk from the parking lot brings you to Overlooked Falls, an ever-changing waterfall, dependent upon the whims of the seasons.  Water levels dramatically affect the look of this waterfall.

It takes a good hike to get to Explorers Falls, but this back country waterfall on the Little Carp River is a great example of a slide waterfall.  The water ripples over the conglomerate bedrock as it races to the base of the waterfall.

A multitude of waterfalls are found along the Little Carp River besides the typically viewed waterfalls.  This give you a feel for those often missed waterfalls!


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Phil Stagg