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Hungarian Falls - Lower

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Quincy Falls


The lowest of the Hungarian Falls is the largest and most difficult to view.  The creek falls into a deep gorge with no easy access to the base.  Since Douglass Houghton Falls is now off limit to the public, college students enjoy rappelling down the face of the falls.

The middle falls is much easier to view than the lower falls.  And even though it is a much shorter waterfalls, it really is a beautiful drop!  Enjoy a picnic lunch down by the spill pool with the sound of falling water a constant companion.

The upper falls needs a good deal of water to fill it out into a pleasing drop.  Visiting during spring runoff is the best option to catch this waterfall in its prime.

There are several more drops mixed in amongst the main Hungarian Falls.  A couple just run in the spring and one is created by the dam between the middle and upper falls.

A small creek runs though the old Quincy stamping mill.  Several drops are found upstream.


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