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O-kun-de-kun Falls

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Sandstone Creek

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Victoria Dam Falls

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The North Country Trail passes by O-kun-de-kun Falls as well as the upper and lower drops along the way.  The sandstone riverbed widens out in this area.  A small undercut behind the falls adds depth and contour to the unique waterfall.

O-kun-de-kun Falls - Lower are found just below O-kun-de-kun Falls.  The North Country Trail footbridge over the Baltimore River passes between them.  Numerous little cascades fall across the broad river.  Much time can be spent exploring all the mini-waterfalls!

On the way to O-kun-de-kun Falls, this small waterfall is found by the side of the trail.  What a beautiful precursor to the larger fall downstream!  As a confession, the first time I went out looking for O-kun-de-kun I stopped here, not knowing that there was anything more to be seen!  The way the river spills over the protruding sandstone is so unique.  I love these interesting and off the beaten path waterfalls!

There is no trail to this neat waterfall on Sandstone Creek.  Thick undergrowth must be navigated while heading down into a deep ravine to get to Sandstone Creek Falls.  Downstream from the falls the river runs through a straight walled canyon with the river running from one wall to the other.

The Sandstone Creek Cascades are found right next to the highway.  The highest of the drops are furthest downstream.

The hydroelectric plant at Victoria Falls removes most of the water that would naturally have flowed over the waterfall.  Because of this, there are times that the waterfall dries up to a trickle.  The best time to view the falls is in the spring when the water level is high and the overflow reveals something of what this amazing waterfall must have looked like hundreds of years ago.

Gleason Creek drains a small amount of land as it quickly makes it way down to the West Branch of the Ontonagon River.  At Gleason Falls, the creek drops down into a narrow crevasse.  It is difficult to view most of the waterfall since a large piece of the rock wall fell some time ago from the top of the gorge, wedging itself tightly into the base of the gorge.  The creek runs beneath this moss covered boulder.  I am fairly confident that there is another waterfall further downstream.  I need to make another attempt to find it!


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